Name: Max IP:84.211.145.*

Cheap,Nice and Fast! :)

October 20,2016
Name: Sam Tsai IP:173.212.172.*

I went from buying FFXIV Gil to buying Tree of Savior Silver and I have to say regardless of the in-game currency their service has always been excellent!

May 24,2016
Name: Sam Tsai IP:173.212.172.*

I've been using game4top ever since FFXIV's release and I have to say that their service has always been excellent. They've never failed to deliver, keep a good track record of all transactions, keep in contact with you during the whole process. They are definitely the most reliable provider of online currency that you could possibly find.

May 20,2016
Name: Justin IP:67.160.39.*

I just found this site and made a order and they were very fast at delivering. Wow!

May 05,2016
Name: Chris IP:166.137.118.*

Nadya was incredibly helpful, patient, and informative. I will 100% use again for future services!

May 02,2016
Name: Conrad IP:85.98.145.*

they are doing what they say. %100 trusted.

March 25,2016
Name: Jeremy IP:24.229.192.*

Very kind and courteous! Excellent service! Will shop again!

February 04,2016
Name: Anon IP:5.65.187.*

Amazing service, recommend!

December 02,2015
Name: juci luci IP:86.26.254.*

purrrrrfect everytime!!!! 10/10 today"

November 26,2015
Name: Blex IP:71.170.82.*

Fantastic service. Answered all of my questions and even delivered the items in person so i did not have to wait on the mail system! Will definitely be using them again.

November 18,2015

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