Gaining More GW2 Gold and Getting Better at Guild Wars 2

 One thing I don't talk about often enough on this blog are ways to improve at Guild Wars 2. The most obvious method is gearing up which makes previously challenging tasks trivial and opens you up to much more difficult endeavors.

Recently I built an entire set of soldier's dolyak + berserkers jewelry. Also grabbed the 30% lifesteal sigil for my toughness/vitality/power weapon. I am an absolute beast at staying alive and my damage is respectable (almost 50% crit / 35% crit damage with 3,000 power). Between the Dolyak set bonus (30 health per second) and life steal I'm getting around 63 health per second all the time. Coupled with almost 2000 toughness and 15,000 health makes tanking on my elementalist a breeze. She's already difficult to hit, and I'm able to take around 20 swings from the big robots in Lion's Arch.
Speaking of which... here's how you dodge their annoying pull you in and tear your face off aoe...
The point of this post is not just to say "yes, I'm buying a lot of gear and experimenting at getting better at the game and you should too." No, no, you should be focusing on the fact that other people also buy gear to try new specs in Guild Wars 2. You can easily flip a lot of the exotics I bought, as well as the runes and sigils. Keep an open mind and pay attention to the price of things when you go to buy your own gear. I was able to get my weapon for 2 gold buy order even though it costs 5 gold on buy out! Now I'm going to try and flip one per week and you can easily do the same.

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